Thursday 2 April 2015

For Profit Humanitarian Enterprise

For the purposes of this discussion, a nation state shall be defined as being a statement of governance within a territory, as occupied by settlers. And, the matter of law shall be understood to arise through both the customary laws and the scope of international law, as may be adopted within the nation state.

A nation state may be entirely self-sufficient; or, it may invite foreign commerce and trade to enter into its territories for mutual benefits.
The human social order enterprise has adopted -through trial and error- a series of unfolding contracts for social justice and general survival. And, there is a constant test within this matrix of diverse theories and practices to find acceptable balance between the individual constituent citizen and the wider governing enterprise.

The mission of the general populace has -by historical evidence- been that of applying accumulated logic to the unfolding experience of surviving the natural elements, as well as to witness the diversity of human emotions in times of stress and relative peace.